The midrange K-series continuation comes again in a small shell with a tight fit waist. And you would probably notice that the one in the TFT looks more realistic and is more vivid and vibrant. Please give your critics for the same After using it, photos look over sharpened. It so fast when opening an applicati0n like opera mini 4 beta. I play Doom 3 the most. K is pure multimedia phone with a good cam.

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The MP3 player works great Apple iPhone XS Max review. They take so much travel before the character registers and sometimes and this may just be mine the 4 key won’t register except after repeated presses.

Despite the minor flaws, I am very happy with the phone o550 the price and features.

I wonder if theres anything one can do. The AF and capture are both horribly slow in comparison.

Sony Ericsson K550 review

The left side of the device features a dual volume key and the regular Fast Port used for connecting the headset, the charger and the data cable. It so fast when opening an applicati0n like opera mini 4 beta.


No mem0ry card included. John Bad advice brother! The ki isn’t nearly as sharp. The SIM card bed is under the battery. Overall I like the phone though. Also, the cam in is clunky to operate. This type of locking mechanism seems rather can and secure. A Cyber-shot on a budget Sony Ericsson K review.

Sony Ericsson K held in hand. I used to use my gmail account to send to flickr using the phone, but it appears t-mobile is blocking the gmail server now, so I had to register a standard POP email through the t-mobile vam and it works fine now.

I have uploaded some snaps clicked from this cameraphone.

Sony Ericsson K – User opinions and reviews – page 89

Im usin opera mini 4. Czm the flash is turned on, the LED lights stay lit constantly, and they are very bright The phone has a panorama mode that works great.

Alexandre Berbe 11 years ago. The “take picture” button is a two-step button like most cameras, focus then snap, but the second step takes a hard press causing me to shake and get a blurry picture.


How do you rate the Camera?? | Sony Ericsson Ki | Flickr

This is my phone k Because of the price value. For a mid-range phone I don’t think it does too badlyyou can’t expect too much. The camera on the phone takes excellent pictures, suitable for making 4×6 inch prints. Newest first Oldest first Best rating. And i guess you are just misleaded by the display of the K when you said that its display is better than the K’s display. The same battery in fact is used in Sony Ericsson W and W The Sony Ericsson K is a feature-rich cameraphone with an enjoyable 2 megapixel camera, nice imaging applications, FM radio and a memory card slot.

In addition, I have recently joined Flickr. I think it’s the best point of the camera. Sucks that you can not rewind easier. After using it, photos look over sharpened.