Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Page 16 Figure shows the ports and switches at the back of the controller enclosure. Make sure that no slots are left open for more than two minutes. Threshold values are set by a Send Diagnostic command to the Threshold Out diagnostic page 05h. Driver – Storage Controller.

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To ensure a successful installation, perform the tasks in the order theyare presented. Page 47 Updating FirmwareAfter installing the hardware and powering up the enclosure for the first time, besure to verify that the controllers and drive enclosures have the latest firmware.

SCSI Enclosure Services – Wikipedia

Page 22 Figure shows the LEDs at the back of the drive enclosure. Use standard networkingtroubleshooting procedures to isolatefaults on the network. A webserver resides in each controller module.

YesA fault fmily exits. Hp storageworks msa g2 firmware release notesdecember 16 pages. Grounding MethodsThere are several methods for grounding. OnThe port link is up and connected. Attaching the Ear CapsThe plastic ear caps are snap-on parts that require some care when attaching orremoving them.


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Page 16 Figure shows the ports and switches at the back of the controller enclosure. Page 4 Installation Checklist. Yes60Possible ReasonsThe module is not receivingadequate power. Page 13 Hardware Components and LEDsThis section describes the main hardware components of your storage systemenclosures.

The SCSI enclosurd allows for two different threshold levels, noncritical warning and critical. Please try again later.

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F irst editi on: Optionally, unmount the volume and delete the vdisks created for test. Screenshot Title Appear in Cutaway Owner Dervices vows to be as untouched as the turn signal in an Asian lady driver’s car. Each power-and-cooling module has one temperaturesensor.

Press Enter to display the CLI prompt.

There are many different element codes defined to cover a wide range of devices. Ethernet Management ports on controller module A and controller module B areconfigured with the following default values: The Log Off page is displayed.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise,; test.

OffThe port is empty or the link is down. Make sure enclosrue all modules are fully seated in their slots and that their latches arelocked. Send Diagnostic and Receive Diagnostic Results. When isolating faults in the powerand-cooling module, remember thatthe fans in both modules receivepower through a common bus on themidplane, so if a power supply unitfails, the fans continue to operatenormally.


When connecting multiple drive enclosures, use reverse cabling to ensure thehighest level of fault tolerance. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. To log out of SMU: ModificationsThe Segvices requires the user to be notified that any changes or modifications made tothis device that are not expressly approved by Hewlett-Packard Company may voidthe user’s authority to operate the equipment.

Correcting Enclosure IDsWhen installing a system with drive enclosures attached, the enclosure IDs mightnot agree with the physical cabling order.

System Management SoftwareEmbedded management software includes a web-browser interface and thecommand-line interface described below.