Comments about the latency generally ranged from non-existent to acceptable, In terms of range it can work up to 30 feet even through walls and obstructions. Double click on OMS Setup. You will now have to check these open boxes to enable the output ports. You decompress the file and you get an OMS2. I know he picked his one up just as they started the Anniversary model.

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Leave this field blank. It works well with Mac and Windows operating systems, including and has no noticeable latency.

The Best MIDI Interfaces – $36 to $ – | Gearank

November 14, The thing is I’m deadly curious to learn if we have a copy in the forum of the disc that shipped originally with these units. Your solution helped me a lot.

Overall This interface is a great choice if you want an easy to set up wireless system that works at up to 30 feet distance. You decompress the file and you get an OMS2.

A few have mentioned this doesn’t have any routing options either. As a result of a minor update today we have removed the following from our recommended list above: I have one of these and have tried it with my G4 running OS 9. Cons There were some users who had driver setup problems particularly with older versions of Windows and Mac operating systems.


The unit is powered by the MIDI connection so no cables are required allowing a truly wireless setup.

M-Audio Midisport 8×8

However here Roland says it’s compatible without needing extra power and users have reported that it works connected straight into the Apple adaptor as well. OS December 28, Logged exdasy Member Posts: Bluetooth MIDI is a new technology standard midisprot developed by Apple and so it’s mainly only been compatible with Apple devices although other operating systems such as Windows 10 midisporh adding support.

So I found the driver that needs to be installed. Knezzen on March 19, All replies Drop Down menu.

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The Best Keyboard Workstations. The rest must be configuration within your music software. The Mac, not so much. Mac OS 9 Lives! You may get a prompt to search for the drivers oax the internet. Audio Speciality level out of ten: Multiple MIDI sockets are also useful if you want to leave multiple devices plugged in even if you only use one at a time – saves the hassle of unplugging and plugging in different devices constantly.


Cons A few reviewers mentioned it consumed a mjdisport of power from their devices and preferred it to have an external power source. On the same machine, Windows just works.

M-Audio Midisport 8×8 free download for Mac | MacUpdate

In addition to that, it is lightweight yet feels very sturdy in midislort to its construction. I did not immediately reboot after the first several times I installed the 3.

I’ll probably take a bit more of an in depth look into how the drivers for the midisports work in OS 9 just to see if I can get the green version to work. Pros Many users found this interface convenient since it’s easy to set up and has a straightforward manual. In addition to that, there are no drivers needed to install when connecting to any operating system.

I might be interested in that!

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