The tilted angle of the Switch Mouse, created by the V-shaped bottom of the device, positions the wrist and forearm at a degree angle — a natural pronation known to minimize pressure in the carpal tunnel. Sign in or Register. I ordered one of these even though it seemed pricey and even though I wasn’t impressed by the specs of it – no scroll wheel maybe intentional? Switch Mouse Driver dpi, Laser,v2. Be the first to leave a review. The nice thing about trackballs are that the hand can rest on them.

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Humanscale Whale Mouse mouse Series

By now, I haven’t noticed any wrist or hand problems for at least a couple of months. We have the largest stocks in the UK at our humansca,e and whatever you want, or need, it can be yours without humasncale. Toggle navigation Product Types. I know a lot of people that have no problems at all using regular mice. Developed by the Humanscale Design Studio, the Switch Mouse has received numerous awards and accolades.

We use our own and third-party cookies to improve and customize your shopping experience. Featuring sustainable design and advanced LED technology, Humanscale task lights reduce eye strain, improve reading comfort and reduce energy use and costs. A holistic approach is taken to ergonomics, with the user experience mouze interaction with the product front of mind. Read More We will never spam you, see our Privacy Policy.


Helped with my soreness. My only complaint is it does not allow for precision doing Graphic Design, so I use a conventional mouse for mousr. I would like to be connected. Terms of Sale Privacy Policy Unsubscribe. Balanced movement is the key to wellness at work.

I had some minor problems with using a mouse shortly after beginning at my current employment. This is self-diagnosed, of course, I never tried to get treatment for it. I have been using the Switch Mouse for 3 years and I recommend it for anyone who spends a lot of time doing data entry.

Switch Mouse Driver dpi, Laser,v2. Office IQ Software – Windows.

Discover a full range of ergonomic work tools from Humanscale that keep desks clutter-free and improve comfort in the workplace. Switch Mouse Driver dpi, Laser,v1. Our range of technology-integrated tools were designed to adapt to the latest trends in workplace wellness and support workers for years to come.

The team also regularly collaborates on projects with acclaimed industry figures. Created in consultation with the Humanscale ergonomics team, the Switch Mouse features new ergonomic design innovations, including the V-shaped base and patented size adjustability feature. I tried a few devices, such as the MouseTrapper, but never really liked them. Humanscale monitor arms offer ultimate stability and effortless functionality to instantly create a more dynamic workstation.

  MODEL NO 1100001212 DRIVER

The unique design features of this peripheral device, including a V-shaped based and four-way scrolling dish, deliver exceptional user comfort. Sign in or Register. We use our own and third-party cookies to improve and customize your shopping experience. The nice thing about trackballs are that the hand can rest on them. It’s a much larger mouse than what you’re used to.

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For a few years, I was suffering slightly from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. In the mean time, I’ll happily clean out the mouse ball every couple of weeks.

Humanscale Whale Optical Mouse 3-button Adjustable Ergonomic USB Kbc-wm01 | eBay

Cable management solutions promote a more organized workspace and keep under-desk areas neat and hazard-free.

Abiding by the philosophy that good design achieves more with less, the team specializes in solving functional problems with simple, efficient designs. Toggle navigation Main Menu.