Continuous integration and build automation This is my testing blog. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. How to do flash Testing using Selenium WebDriver? Post as a guest Name. Richfowler1’s Blog Just another WordPress.

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In other words, testing the functionality of the flash is known as Flash Testing. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Step 2 Under flash jar file there is a separate flashobjectwebdriver class. Prabhu February 16, at 6: Suresh4qtp’s Blog Just another WordPress. This site uses cookies. StopPlay Rewind Button Flash method being used: You can use flash attributes like object id to locate the flash object.

Flash Testing with Selenium WebDriver

Ni reading above you know that there is one class which is having capability to automate flash app. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Now come to the course outline 1.

There are few work arounds to it, one that Mukesh mentioned in this post. Learn Junit 4 Framework 5.


How to perform Flash Testing with Selenium Webdriver

Pupunzi For a better web. Anti-Malware Testing Thoughts on security product testing past and present. Developer should expose all flash functions which are used to test flash application.

However, advanced technologies like HTML 5 are introduced to overcome the problems like performance and security.

How is it resolved? Now, this is quite a tedious process, but the best of the best solutions available as of this moment. Mobile Testing with Selenium 2 It is easy to configure, use and implement. So in other words in sikuli object identification is done via image processing please check following simple blog posts to learn about usage of sikuli Automating flash calculator with sikuli integration with selenium.

Testing Your Mobile Apps with Selenium 2 Learn How to automate Silverlight applications using Selenium Execute the above script.

Creating selenium script for Flash testing. Main difference between flash and other element is that Flash is embedded in SWF files, while other elements are embedded in HTML files You need to Automate Flash testing normally when the idetify object is not easily accessible.


Partially we can do the same using Sikuli as well which is used for Game animation as well. I have added a jar file in this post which contains the code already so you can directly use the same. How to do flash Testing using Selenium WebDriver?

[webdriver] Re: How to read flash contents using selenium webdriver – Grokbase

Learn how to work with ANT? Make new class and paste following code to automate YouTube ojects. Flash objects are impossible to automate using Selenium as flash objects are not technically ‘browser driven’ like javascript is.

Mobile Testing with Selenium 2 The third, and second best solution is to use image recognition api like Sikuli. Anti-Malware Testing Thoughts on security product testing past and present.