My other phones usually get four here. E-mail is a particular strength of the However, you can stop recording the video manually before the specified limit is reached. To draw on the screen, use the stylus like a pen. Outlook on the PDA has calendar, contacts, tasks, notes and email called Messaging , which you can sync to a Windows desktop running Outlook. Page To assign pictures to contacts You can assign a picture to a contact so that you can easily identify the contact at any point of time.

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Page Note Moodem information in this section applies modrm users who license Microsoft mmodem in the United States.

While it would have been nice to see some slightly flashier upgrades for the price, such as more memory, or an improved screen, the delivers in two critical areas—wireless performance and speed. Please note that this check box is selected by default to allow you to review the image or video clip after it has been captured. If Auto configuration is unsuccessful or you have an account you access using a VPN server connection, contact your ISP or network administrator for the following information and enter it manually: Turn on the flash in the camera application and it stays on until you turn it cibgular or exit the camera app.

Change is often for the better, and the Cingular looks more polished and has a much more usable keyboard. You can even beam information to a device in a different room, as long as it is within the Bluetooth signal coverage range.


When you hear the beep, begin your recording.


Page 57 You may be able to synchronize your device with Exchange Server through your company or wireless service provider. When you create a voice tag for the item, you can do one of the following: Important Safety Precautions When using this product, the safety precautions below must be taken to offset possible legal liabilities and damages. Lets you rename an existing ZIP file.

Compact, attractive and well built. When using the included earbud headset, call clarity was also excellent and volume could get downright deafening that’s what that volume slider is for. Audio Audio clarity and call volume is quite good.

Select the picture you want to set as the background. The Mini SD card slot is located up top as is the power button while the sync port is at the bottom.

Page 85 Notes To view additional information for any screen, tap Help. Transcriber works transparently in the background of programs, recognizing words with its integrated dictionary. Chapter 9 Using Other Applications 9. Manage Screen Settings Manage screen settings The device touch screen has three orientation modes: New voice mail There are more notifications.

Make sure you don’t have more than 5 running programs or the phone will slow down get a task manager to make exiting apps easier.


Phone Services Phone services Phone Services, such as Call Waiting, enable you to choose how to handle all incoming calls on your device.

I got better phone performance from the than from the MDA. To invite each additional attendee, tap Add and tap the name. The available capture modes of the camera are as moedm This control Does this Skips to the beginning of the current file or moden the previous file.

Select the picture you want to assign to a contact.

Service needed on components inside these compartments should be done by an authorized service technician or provider. Your device searches for other Bluetooth devices and displays them in ciingular box.

Cingular 8525 Review

On the Devices tab, tap Cinguar Partnership. The design intends to show off the camera phone, making it look like a camera when held horizontal to take a shot.

Additionally, you can prevent unauthorized access to any part of the device by using password protection. The cinyular with a USB sync cable no cradleworld charger, leather horizontal case with belt clip, software CD containing ActiveSync 4. What is a Wizard?