Basically; Cache introduced stricter enforcement of ODBC standard requiring reserved word to be quoted. Avaya reserves the right to remove any content posted on the Forum at any time and for whatever reason. The following tables describe all parameters that can be used in a connection string. Total number of idle connections in all the pools. Solution Multiple workarounds within excel are available. Problem Clarification Custom reports will not retrieve data for the “time” field. RecycleAllConnections bool remove ;.

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OK, storm in a teacup. If you want a sample program to default to a different port, you will need change the number in the sample code. This Forum is provided solely for the use and convenience of Avaya customers and partners.

I am able to look at this data using Crystal Reports so I am not sure what what I am doing wrong. Message 9 of 13 2, Views. Avaya will not be liable for any content posted on this Forum, including, without limitation, any errors or omissions or for any losses or damages of any kind incurred as a result of use or reliance on any content, regardless of its origin. Typically, you will change the default password after installing the server.


Solved: ODBC Error with Cache DB – Microsoft Power BI Community

Message 2 of 13 2, Views. What happens if you escape the quotes?

Thank you, yes that is what I am doing. The cahe optional parameters can be set if required. Sets the length of time in seconds to try and establish a connection before failure.

The default value is 0.

The failure reported by the database is caused by MS Excel not enclosing reserved word in double quotes. Find all posts by stphnwd. The previous example could be rewritten as follows:. IsolationLevel value for the connection.

Examples b c e and f are compliant SQL as field names are quoted. Home Contacts How To Buy. Deletes all connections and removes all pools, regardless of what state the connections are in. You can accept your reply as answer, that way, other community members would benefit from your solutions once they get same issues. Set Pooling to false to create a connection with no connection pooling. Total number of in-use connections in the pool associated with connection object conn.

I appreciate any assistance you can provide. Excel fails to quote reserved words, and that is a requirement of the ODBC standard. This section describes the server settings required for a connection, and some troubleshooting tips. Try replacing ” in your select query Message 1 of 13 2, Views. A case-sensitive username and password.


For example, the avaja connect string sets the initial size of the connection pool to 2 and the maximum number of connections to 5, and activates connection reset with a maximum connection idle time of 3 seconds:.

The following simple method could be called to start a connection:.

Avaya Aura Contact Center Integration Overview

Total number of in-use connections in all pools. The example will show you why the failure is happening in 7 and not in 6. Aha, so probably using the query without quotes would have worked as well Glad that you’ve sorted this. Refer to the Performance manual under “Expert Reporting”.

Use pursuant to the terms of your signed agreement cqche Avaya policy. NET Managed Provider classes, or both.