We all know that distance trumps feel and sound for the majority of us so it was tougher then you think to choose the winner. The Hibore was like swinging a double car garage, the head was too big. I gotta admit Nike Golf should be commended for their latest marketing move. You will love it if you happen to be a big fan of bumblebees. Up to that point, the Nike was on the right and the Taylor on the left. The high trajectory did not, however, adversely affect distance.

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TxGolfJunkie 9 years ago. That is why many of them are not playing them.

Nike Dymo and Dymo2 Driver Review

And the majority of golfers would give up sound and feel for distance. I was just wondering what that meant. The look at address hurts my eyes. So only time will tell if this is the sound of the future.

Nike SQ DYMO Driver 10.5 Degree Graphite UST Axivcore Regular Flex 23759a

I went to hit it this weekend and my spin was with the ball speed of But we did not have a driver with the same length shaft to test so we will have to give Nike the nod when it comes sasquztch distance.

If the Nike driver is so great. I tried my dymo 2 out for the first time last nije and hit 17 out 18 fairways not bad for a 20 handicap have to agree there staight.


Remember when woods were made from wood? I am Curious what swing speed nikw tempo you guys have that works so well with the ProLaunch Red. Looking forward to next season! Up to that point, the Nike was on the right and the Taylor on the sasquatcb. The Dymo which stands for Dynamic Moment of Inertia will effectively replace the Sumo range that has been so successful. I loved reading this review even though it was not as helpful as i thought it might be.

But enough about me. I like it when NIck Faldo see it on air and mentions it. I hit the Dymo just as far or farther than my own driver. I agree the sound is def a different one, but you get used to it after a while. I just got the nike sq dymo str8ght fit driver and this thing is amazing, it sounds great looks great and has work ability.

Parker 9 years ago. dymmo

I have not hit the R9 but have hit the R9 Someone at Nike must just be a big fan of yellow. Watch out, straightness does come at a price.

Nike SQ DYMO Driver Degree Graphite UST Axivcore Regular Flex a | eBay

Even teed lower a bit Nime had a hard time keeping the trajectory down. Alright, I am going to add something about this Nike Dymo Driver. It is both hard to get on and does a poor job protecting the head.


Zasquatch why should this move be commended and why is it so risky? Next on my list is the Nike Vr irons with stiff flex shafts as well…. And its one of those things where you will be able to spot other nike users without even seeing them hit haha. This would give the most accurate results. Ok, you say, what happened on the course?

Well for one it was an easy way to get the word out about their drivers not only quickly but also for a very cheap price tag. I am in the golf industry and agreed to review their driver and still cringed at the thought of having to read a manual to learn how to use another tool and even a headcover.

I have been 209 a 20009 G10 that I was very inconsistent with, and decided to trade it in on a new driver.

Performance We as golfers have heard and seen it all, time after time.