The USB port is also fine. I contacted the support and they said that that my midi won’t work if it doesn’t have a “plug n play” sticker, which it doesn’t. In some Windows systems, our class compliant keyboard devices are called like this: The computer cannot decide which interface to use. Frankly, it’s beginning to piss me off and nothing works.

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Wed Dec 05, The Logitech drivers do not work with the Windows XP class compliant installation, and prevents, that you can see the class compliant driver in your music software. Now I have to know msc I should do.

So there is no difference in the functionality of the keyboard. It looks, after checking out the latest drivers on the Miditech website for you, that this keyboard is actually a rebadged CME keyboard of sort kind.

Logic Pro Help

Win 7 SP1 My System. I know Macs shouldn’t get viruses but my iMac’s performance has been gradually midostart, and not for the lack of HDD space, so I guess they can call it what they want, but virus or not, something is wrong with my OS that wasn’t before.

Virus Problem, Please Help.

Thu Mar 30, Can I define certain intsruments to certain tracks? Hi you already tried that route with the driver and it does not work.


Publishing Speciality level out of ten: If the vendor states it will only work in Vista if it has a plug and play sticker and it does notthen I’d tend to believe them. Last week it worked fine and I had the same thing. D After following the mca I have two values: In a fast system you can reduce the latencies to under 10 ms, and you cannot hear the delay anymore.

midistaet There seems to be no section in the preferences that deals with device management. What happens if you unplug all the other USB devices, leaving only the keyboard connected?

There is a new European Law, which causes us to change the keyboard a little bit, and remove the DC power connector. Working with GarageBand In most music software you can use an ASIO driver, which is provided to midistary the latency delay of your soundcard.

A good working universal ASIO driver, which works with most onboard soundcards, you can find on www. In your recording software, you should choose this device midisart as a MIDI input, then the keyboard will work in your software. I’ve been trying to solve the problem with Audio-Midi-Setup by defining the ports of each instrument but I don’t see an option to select instrument nor ports in the GarageBand tracks.


All replies Drop Down menu. Hi I have asked him for you please be patient he misistart be busy. Recording one track after the other works fine, was more about if I want to play togehther with friends.

My MIDI Keyboard isn’t recognized anymore! – Logic Pro Help

Can this be an Maac issue? Is there anything in Logic itself I’m missing? I realize that this question has been asked numerous times, and I checked every thread regarding this problem but nothing has helped so far.

The interface on this is different as Dogg stated. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post.

Thu Dec 06, 3: I’m not that good with more-than-ordinary issues with computers, But I’ll get someone to look into it. Something you are not doing correctly