There are also job opportunities for mechanics because the machine must be maintained. On average, how many hours do you work a day? Perform daily maintenance within building. When he was 12, he was refereeing a hockey game for younger kids. Curious City What qualifications do you need to be a professional Zamboni driver?

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Becoming a Wild Zamboni Driver

Content is not continuously monitored. Zamboni Driver salaries by company in United States.

But since Zamboni was the original, the brand name is often adopted to describe any and all ice resurfacing machines. The most challenging part, not only for the driver, but for the whole crew, is to make sure that we can maintain the recommended thickness of the ice for NHL hockey. Where nul I find more information about the Zamboni Company?

All content is user created. A common term for these big machines is a Zamboni, but Zamboni is only a brand name like Kodak or Kleenex. We like three or four days [for preparing the ice for the hockey season].

There are also job opportunities for mechanics because the machine must be maintained. It can be difficult to drive an ice resurfacer.

Frequently Asked Questions | Zamboni

The Zamboni driver is responsible for operating the Zamboni correctly and safely on a fixed schedule to ensure and maintain acceptable conditions Cool and Unique Jobs Check them out! So we start at 60, go up to 80,, as we go along in the process. Job title, keywords, or company. Some arenas have a Zamboni gate right behind the hockey net, like we had at Maple Leaf Gardens.


Becoming a Wild Zamboni Driver

And that facilitates a quicker drying time for hiw ice, and it opens an opportunity for corporate sponsors to have their zambni activities going on. What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective zamboni driver? Resurfacing ice is the technical term used to describe what Ahearn actually does on his Zamboni: How much does a Zamboni ice resurfacer cost?

When you interview, stress your work ethic, honesty, cool temper, and ability to work with others.

beckme Be the first to see new Zamboni Driver jobs My email: But after talking with him, it was clear that a little bravery and an enthusiasm for winter sports are probably a plus for landing the job. City, state, or zip code. What is the best training for becoming a zamboni driver?

Behind The Wheel: The Life of a Zamboni Driver

Thousands more were at home, some sitting on the edge of their couch cushions and others pacing back and forth, unable to sit still in front of their television sets. Jack Lindemann in Colfax, Wisconsin months ago. There have been a number of competitors in North America and overseas which have entered the industry and while some remain, others have come and gone.


Teach English in Asia. The very first machine, the Model A, was completely restored and when it is not traveling to special events around North America, the machine is on display at its original home, Paramount Iceland. Upload your resume – Let employers find you.

Zamboni Driver SMG reviews. We like to build it in very thin layers. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures.

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish? How many Zamboni ice resurfacing machines have been produced? Zamboni machines are manufactured in a factory, which is a busy, working facility and tours are not ro. We like water to freeze almost instantly.